Political Right: Conservatism in brief

As a thirty-something, who used to watch the television show “Thirty-Something”, I have witnessed how the people in my age-group approach political definitions. Some use the actual meaning of the word as described by a dictionary. Some use the colloquial feeling of the word to derive a vague guess. Still, others are only interested in using the self-named representatives of conservatism to arrive at a conclusion.

Conservatism is not oppressive:

Conservatism as I have been taught, at the core, is a set of ideals wrapped around the desire to govern one’s own destiny as one chooses without interference from a ruling body politic. In other words, conservatism wants people to be free to choose right or wrong, to choose wisely or poorly, to choose faith or agnosticism with as little as possible input from a government.

Conservatism is not a zealous want to rule everyone’s life and make each individual fit into a pre-packaged, pre-determined mold that only a few elite can ever achieve. Conservatism is not racist, sexist, classist, fascist, communist, war-mongering or any line of thought near what many in today’s world would have you believe.

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