Men of Valor: Understanding the conservative

For a better understanding of what a conservative should espouse to be, watch the second episode of the newest HBO special on John Adams. I have viewed and re-viewed this show multiple times. I honestly don’t know how much is fact and how much is fiction; but I can say that the portrayal by Paul Giamatti of a man who is torn between those who will have peace at any loss; including their lives and dignity; and those who are experiencing the pain of loss and understand that there will be no peace because of the aggressor not because of the defender; is stunning beyond clear description.

Conservatives understand that while good people do not want war; not every one is good. In fact, for those of us who have faith in Christ and the wisdom of the Bible, we are told that no-one is truly good without the guidance of God. The fact that people are, by nature, evil is counter to our modern view of humanity, but calling the sky polka-dot does not make it so.

Conservatives also understand that the hard choices are more often the proper choice, however unpopular it may be.

Colonial Revolution – unpopular, had to be done
Civil War – unpopular, had to be done
World War I – unpopular, had to be done
World War II – it took loss of practically an entire fleet to get us into this one, had to be done
Korean War – still unpopular (my grandfather was one of those “forgotten vets”), is still going on; That’s right we are in a “cease fire” not a secession of aggressions. Ask the Marines who still patrol that border.
Cold War – still unpopular, had to be done
Dessert Storm – still unpopular, had to be done
War on Terror – still unpopular, has to be done

I mention these wars knowing full well that not all the presidents were Republicans, or even conservatives. I mention them so that we may get a sense that the hard road is narrow, and hence conservative. The meaning, the definition, the life-blood of being a conservative is and will continue to be to do the thing that most liberates people. Sometimes that means ridding the world of tyrannical forces that threaten liberty, both in spirit and in actuality.

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