Celebrities need not apply

Fad causes by activist stars:

As a parent of a child that has many of the symptoms of Autism, but is as of yet not diagnosed as such; I am asking the celebrities to step-away from the subject.

The help of celebrities, in my opinion and many others, seems to cheapen the cause. Try a few Google searches sometime to see the stacks and stacks of articles about how inept celebrities and famous do-gooders can actually hurt a cause.

It becomes chic for a time, people by ribbons, or pins, or t-shirts with catchy logos, and go to concerts, benefits, dinners, golf challenges, and marathons etc, etc, etc; and at the end of the day people are so sick of hearing about a topic that it seems to fade into the mist.

AIDS ; Poverty, genocide, death etc. in Africa ; Breast Cancer ; Tibet ; Homelessness ; and Parkinson’s Disease have all been promoted by celebrities. All are yet to be cured, or solved, and all seem to ebb out of the social conscious as quickly as they come in. All are now politically charged issues (more than before). The parents of autistic kids that I know want a few simple things, insurance approval for treatment, for their child to be valued as an person, less testing and more results, and progress towards a cure (of course we all want a cure).

Speaking for myself, I don’t want Aerosmith, U2, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn, et. al. to be seen holding some kid’s hand looking at a camera with practiced pity to give to the “race for the cure” or “battle for a cause” or whatever catchy phrase they choose.

I don’t want my son’s problems to be another bumper-sticker movement that fades into pop-culture history. I do want those with the brains and resources to find a cure, or at least a cause, or a defined diagnosis. If a wealthy celebrity with guilt for having so much wants to quietly give to those people, please do. Just don’t make it so in your face, over the top, can’t get away from it annoying, that everyone gets sick of hearing about Autism and then no one is left to help.

I hope this made sense, but the closer a topic is to home; the less eloquent I am.

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