Understanding the Conservative: What is a Political Conservative?

My beliefs of what it means to be politically conservative can be summed up in a few core phrases as long as the actions do not impinge on the rights of the people to exercise free will and experience the consequences of that will:

Governments are not to be the caretaker of every individual regardless of personal choice or error.

Governments are to have a standing army, for the sole purpose(s) of protecting the national safety both with-in its own borders and abroad; protection from foreign invasion and preservation of the unity of the nation as it relates to secession of individual states.

Governments are to enact laws for the common good through a body politic made up of representatives of its peoples, to be elected in regular cycles.

Governments are responsible for keeping the general peace through a system of police, courts, and judges meant to enforce the law, not to interpret or create new law via precedence.

Governments are to be responsible for the infrastructure that connects the nation and provides essential services, such as drinkable water, roads, bridges, sewer/storm drainage, etc.

While Governments cannot force their own people to follow any or no faith, they also cannot be solely atheistic as the Government is made up of people and those people also have the right to choose and/or discuss religious ideals as it relates to their own lives.

Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said:

The purpose of government is to enable* the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed*, not for the governors.

(* emphasis added)

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