Understanding the Conservative: What is a real Man?

Living in a modern nation, it is hard to define exactly what the qualities of a real man are with in the context of today’s terms. This last weekend finally gave me time to sit and flip through the channels of my overpriced cable programming. I saw example after example of smooth-skinned, manicured, preened, and gelled men with as much make-up as their female counter-parts. I saw men who where shells of men, with clear interests in only wealth, power, and vanity. Parade after parade of men in the stereo-types Hollywood loves to give us, day after day. While retracing the same channel for the fourth time, I received a call from my brother.

My brother, who I’ll call “Bob” is an Iraq-war vet. Joining up straight out of high-school, Bob went into the Army and was promptly stationed at Ft. Bliss, TX. He would write home telling us how he hated that he was a gung-ho soldier ready to eat his own guts, and was stuck guarding sand. After his contract was over, he left for Washington state to enroll in college and to get back to his high-school sweetheart. Enrollment in college was more than Bob could pay at the moment, and no-one in our family had the funds to help him. Bob wanted to use his G.I. Bill money, but also needed some extra cash flow. Bob liked the Army, but didn’t want to get stationed somewhere like Ft. Bliss again, so he joined the National Guard.

Three months later, he was off for Iraq, as an eloped husband. He has been back a few years now, and has been working in advertising making a good living with our folks in Washington. Then he calls me. Bob has just signed up again with the National Guard. Wanting to do more than simple “grunt” work, as he did in Iraq, Bob has been planning for the last few years to re-up and join military intelligence. Secretly Bob took the entrance exam for a foreign language unit a year ago and didn’t pass.

He called to tell me, he has been studying the whole year, and he passed this time. Bob is going to go train for two years in farci, or sunni, or some other Middle-Eastern language. Also, he is excited as his XO took the time to not only talk with him, but show him around the quarters his future unit will be housed in, something not done in his previous two encounters with the Army. I have the utmost pride in my brother. I changed his name because he doesn’t know I run a website that broadcasts my thoughts 24/7 to the world and I don’t know how much he wants me to write about him.

Bob, is also a conservative. I have not known of people who embody what I see as real manhood who also are not conservative, I’m sure it is possible; just I haven’t seen it yet. For those who want to know what some conservatives see as being a real man, look first at your armed services brothers.

They are not stupid, they are not desperate, they are not ignorant, they are not losers; they are men.

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