Tulsa World Digs at Sally Kern One More Time

In case you missed it, front page of the Local Section under the fold in today’s Tulsa World has a little story about Sally Kern. You know who she is, she is the woman who dared to defy the “Gay Agenda” and actually compared it to something bad. The Tulsa World’s crack team of defenders of the Liberal Faith has struck a blow to avenge the insults. Poor Mrs. Kern got flagged walking into the Capitol building with — A Gun! To the untrained eye, this could look like it was not even really a story; especially since it isn’t the first time, Mrs. Kern is a licensed gun owner, and the security team wasn’t exactly tazing her bro. However, the journalistic professionals decided that not only was this leading news, but it gave them a chance to rehash the whole “Gay Gate” again. Thank you Tulsa World, you defenders of the uncommon, unrealistic, or un-American alternative lifestyles; thank you for not letting this go and proving once again, that real journalistic integrity comes from anybody but actual journalists. BTW, who told them about this anyway? Kudos to the tattletales and mudslingers in the State Capitol building, you deserve a medal.

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