Happy 20th Rush Limbaugh!

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

As a conservative and avid talk-radio fan, I want to congratulate you on 20 years of Excellence in Broadcasting. I have listened to you from the time I was a teenager. My parents had there own advertising business during my teenage years, and I can remember them working out of their bedroom/office and agreeing with your rants and laughing at the skits or songs. I remember the day I decided to be a conservative. I came home with my first paycheck from working all week at a burger stand, covered in sweat, and smelling of grease. I brought my check into my dad and started complaining about how little I earned after taxes. He smiled and told me I would get it all back due to my age. Now I knew what he had faced all these years staying up two or three days in a row just to get to print on time and still we barely made ends meet. At that same time you started in on someone explaining the difference between earning a living and having less government taxation and interference; and being given a stipend that someone else paid in taxes. That day I knew I was a conservative. My entire family still listens to you almost every day. Your influence on my political views and my personal perceptions of what it means to be conservative has never ceased. Rush you made conservative talk-radio, and conservative media in general, what it is today by breaking through the traditional media, not by force, but by facts. I may not always agree with every word you say, but I will always listen.

PS, please bring back the signature series ties, I’ve worn all mine out.

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