Obama wins : Conservatism Loses

“President Elect Barak Obama”

The sound of the newly elected President of the United States brings a sense of frustration and dizzying denial to my ears.

Watching my country select a leader, this year has been an emotional roller coaster. I know beyond any doubt that President Elect Obama is a Marxist at heart. Each speech, each question answered, each sloganeering session provided more and more proof of Obama’s intentions.

As a conservative, I also had and still have issues with McCain. Senator McCain was not my choice for a candidate. Senator McCain would never have been my choice for the Presidency. However, when the current mess we call the Republican Party; who is no longer conservatively run; gave me no choice, McCain became the best of the worst.

President Elect Barak Obama will get the same respect that I give to all leaders of this great nation. That does not mean I will go quietly into the night. That does not mean my convictions are not firm. That does not mean that I have given up on a return to the originalist foundations of our Constitution. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We the people through the normal election process chose a candidate based on color, fluff, empty promises, and rock-star appeal. For that lack of foresight we will pay a heavy price and posterity may not forgive us for watering down the qualifications of the highest office in our republic.

I say these things with a heavy heart. I do not want my President to be the kind of person that I cannot trust. However, that is where I find myself today.

In subsequent posts, I will be providing back up for my accusations. For now, it is simply best to gather my thoughts and evidence and concede that the race is over.

For what it is worth, I wish President Elect Obama all the best and hope that the kind of changes he brings are truly beneficial for the nation as a group.

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