I Remember September 11th, 2001

For those we lost, and for those who still suffer losses, take comfort in the fact that they will not be forgotten.

The honored dead and the evil enemy that stole their lives will not be allowed to slip into the mists of time unknown. Bells will ring, children will sit in silent observation, old men will salute, and the heroes will commiserate for the fallen comrades in service; and we will not forget.

Look carefully upon the city square made holy by the shed blood of the innocent, and listen to the ghosts of the past. Hear them cry out for justice and hear them whisper, “Remember us.” Freedom will always have enemies.

Freedom will always be a threat to tyranny and oppression. Freedom will always have a price. On one day, one nation was reminded how large that cost can be.

We, the people, of the United States of America, who hold this precious gift of freedom given by God and paid for by the slain, will not forget.

written by,
The Peregrin
September 11th, 2008

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