Ballot Boxes, Green Parties, Voting Rights, Conservative Democrats, and Hollywood Republicans: Part Two

Ok, so it is October 2008. Four months have gone by since I expressed my original problem with the current choices for President. Barak Obama, and John McCain are the official choices of the two major parties. Obama, and McCain have choosen Vice Presidential running mates. Debates have happened and scheduled to happen at least once more before the big day.

I am still not happy with my choices. The news of the day has changed. In June, the big stories were the war, the illegal immigration problem and the philosophical choices for Supreme Court Justices. The only story now is the looming economic crisis that has all the pundits saying those dreaded words “Great Depression” and “Economic Bail-out”.

Again, both parties locked in mortal combat, call each other names and drudge up the best of the worst minutiae available. Frankly, those of us in the real world are sickened at the pettiness.

Here’s what I want to see.

I want to see a person run for office who can be able to put the country ahead of his or her own family and agenda.

I want to see a person look at all the threats to the American way of life and decide which one’s must be addressed immediately and which one’s can wait for another day.

I want someone who can’t be bought.

I want someone to take both parties by the ears, drag them to the woodshed, and beat their hind-ends’ red, so that they never ever think of taking advantage of their positions of trust again.

In all honesty, it is time for We the People to send Mr. Smith to Washington. Only this time, we hold our government directly responsible.

We as a nation need to agree that all three branches of government have:

No more golden parachutes,
No more lifelong benefits,
No more access to the public treasury,
No more ability to raise taxes without a nationwide annual vote,
No more lifelong appointments to the Supreme Court or any other court,
No more allowances to live in D.C. and yet represent a different area of the country,
No more public monies for housing and transportation, and
No more ability to give themselves pay raises.

It is time for the buck to stop and for our representative republic to be just that, a true representation of the people’s collective will. It is time for wisdom to be valued over smoothness. It is time for virtue to be valued over memberships. It is time for actions to be traceable and to be clear.

Remember Washington, history, the nation, and the world are collectively watching.

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