The reports on Iraq: The glass is mostly cynical

Again, I am having my normal lunch at my normal time; tuna and Raman noodles with white bread. The cheapest lunch you can get that is bland.

Yet, somehow, the local paper managed to spoil my stomach once again. In the top section of our esteemed Tulsa World, they have reposted another story about Iraq written for the Washington Post. The bolded title reads “Iraq adds security for Christians.”

Further reading of the article shows that more progress is being made in Iraq, and that Christians are now safer due to stepped up security forces that are ordered to protect these minorities in the north of the country. However, that is only the first paragraph of the article. The rest of the story talks about the recent killings that have happened in the Christian community and how there are fewer in the country since the beginning of the war in 2003.

As a capper to the all too positive view of the goings on in Iraq the World adds a small factoid from information credited to the AP and the DoD. The caption tells the U.S. Daily casualties for the war.

The interesting part isn’t that they want to tell us the current casualty count. The interesting part is they tell us how many people have died so far first, and how many of those are due to hostile fire. Only at the very bottom, can you see the words “No new U.S. deaths were reported by the military.” That’s right, the good news is no one died since the reporter got the data from the website for the AP, yet that is the last thing reported.

So, I guess what I should infer from all this is that the war is stupid; we are loosing; and we are total failures. After all, we are not experiencing more casualties, and people are better protected against violence.

How is it that we can swallow such negativity on such a constant basis, that when the good news is at the end of the story, or buried altogether, no one seems to care?

Mr. or Mrs. Liberal Press Reporter, I know you hate that war still exists; I know you hate having to report on conservatives and Republicans having good ideas and getting progress made; I know that you long for the days of the Great Clinton Whitehouse, where U.S. barracks could be bombed and ships could be bombed and buildings in the U.S. could be bombed and no-one would care; I know it must just hurt every day you have to think about reporting about a successful war; but hey, could you put your needs aside for a microsecond and let the American public have a little self-pride?

Tulsa World, October 13, 2008 pg. A16
Associated Press

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