BOK Center : Oilers Drop the Puck in October Debut

Saturday October 27, 2008 may have been record attendance for the Oilers, but that didn’t stop them from disappointing a whole new crop of fans.

As an Oilers fan, and someone who has Canadian Pond-Hockey running through my veins, and who shelled out over $100.00 for Saturday’s historical game, I can say the debut against the OKC Blazers was embarrassing.

Reading up on the new rookies before the game, I began to get the old feeling that we were going to have a stellar season this year. We have some real Canucks on the team. Our coach is one of us, and the talent recruiter still lives in the mother country of hockey.
Surely, this time, this team, this year, this new stadium was going to be memorable.

As it turns out, it was memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

Before, I say anything about how the Oilers played, I do want to address the crowd. Few cheered and gave loud praise, I don’t think Tulsa is a quite town at football, and baseball, and basketball; but Saturday for the Oilers who needed the support, the crowd was not on task.

First period was scoreless. Each team was sizing the other up and waiting for a scoring opportunity. Tulsa tried to take the game to the Blazers, but spent most of the time on their own ice. Also, most of the period they were short handed; having lost someone in the penalty box.

Second period began with another fight, and another player waiting it out in the penalty box. A short time later OKC scored the first goal. After the crowd, obviously upset and booing, settled down, Tulsa got back to business. Answering back, the Oilers scored, what would be the only goal of the game.

Third period again was laced with fights, bad referee calls, and many penalties. Even with all the things that were going against the Oilers, we still made too many mistakes. In the end, Blazers won 5 to 1 over the Oilers.

All game long passes were missed. All game long we failed to clear the puck from our side of the ice. All game long we either missed wide-open shots or didn’t take the shot entirely.

We need to see a more cohesive Oilers team. We may have a lot of new talent and stacks of experience, but the game Saturday was that of a high-school team. The best commentary I have heard that sums up the whole experience came from a OKC fan.
The same fan I was out-screaming and lost my voice to support the Oilers. She said “Boy… a brand new stadium, and they still suck!”

Tulsa, I think its time we make them eat their words. Straighten up and let’s show the Blazers who Tulsa really is. Fighting is fine, and winning the fight is better; but nothing should come before winning the game.

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