Nobody Cares About Your Blog!

Thank goodness my holiday is over and I don’t have to travel any more.

While spending some quality time with my family this year, my brother told me about a shirt his wife has.

“Nobody cares about your blog!” is the writing across the shirt.

At first, I laughed. After all, I am the nerdiest member of the family and this blog is partial proof.

However, this morning I had a curious thought. I know that no one or very few people read this blog, but exactly what is the blogosphere’s contents, and how small a speck am I?

As usual, I did a Google search to see what the all knowing internet would say.

According to Technorati in 2007 there were approximately 112 Million blogs they were tracking (We’ll assume they are all North American for the purposes of this post; even though we know they are not). Which equates to about 1/3 of the population of North America. Out of the 337 Million possible North American users, reports nearly 73% or 248 Million are active internet users.

That means that roughly 50% of all North American users have a blog. That also assumes each internet blogger only has one blog; which bloggers know isn’t even close to the facts.

So, exactly how many people don’t care about your blog? Assuming you have less than 1,000 lifetime visits so far; that would be approximately 247,999,0000 people who use the internet in North America.

Wow, that’s more that I would have expected. So I guess we could say for most of us,
“247 Million people don’t care about your blog!”

Good thing, I don’t think I could moderate that much hate mail.

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