iPhone to Wal-Mart : the iSnobs revolt

This morning I was bouncing around the blogsphere. Apparently a story has broken that Apple and Walmart are going to team up to sell a $99 version of the iPhone with 4 Gb. wired.com

Mashable.com’s Adam Ostrow posts some Twitters about users complaining that Wal-Mart will water down Apple. Wired also hinted that the brand name would not be as strong if the new phones were sold in a mass market like Wal-Mart.

As a mid-western born working dad, I have to say this is insulting to me. For many, the Apple image has long been one of techie snobbery; college liberal; brainwashed; ” we are too cool for you and we know it”. The Simpsons (Ostrow) back this up in spades. Not to mention the PC v. Mac commercials that constantly downgrades anyone foolish enough to own the technologies that 95% of the world runs on. No matter how cleverly guised the commercial is yet another cut in a increasing cacophony of insults towards the every-day folks.

For many a mid-western town, the Wal-Mart isn’t just the center of commerce, it is the only choice outside of a hour drive “to town.” Urban dwellers that have lived, grown up, and worked solely in the nation’s most populated areas have no clue about the lack of choices for a growing population of America.

As a technology degree holder, I am no slouch for equipment. In fact, I have written in previous posts my disdain for the new Microsoft Vista program. I have even considered switching to the dark-side and becoming a Mac user. However, I am not hip, I am not young, I am not overly successful, I am not wealthy or a trust-fund baby; so the Mac image lovers wouldn’t like me in the club.

I know it may be hard to swallow, but someone who drinks Starbucks and writes on his Macbook with black turtleneck and clear specs might have something in common with the local yokel in overalls and a trucker’s cap.

In my humble opinion, the move to Wal-Mart is savvy. It shows the kind of thinking that Microsoft has done for decades. Market to the largest amount of people with the least means and you will be the most widely used product.

$400 is excessively much for a cell phone with all-in-one fancy gadgets and tricks for the common Wal-Mart customer who won’t spend that much on the entire Christmas. However, $99 is well with-in reach, and might even convert some previously die-hard PC users.

So, before you get your turtlenecks and spectacles in a bunch, realize the truth; you are simply not as cool as you had once hoped and companies exist to make money.

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