Obama Hope and Change : Where have all the Victims gone?

For years I have heard many different people groups in this country say they have no opportunity.

For years I have seen opportunities passed up from lack of effort.

For years the victimization of the self-proclaimed minority groups has been blamed on “whitey.” The common practice of demonizing any and all Caucasians. As Chris Rock once said, “What do you have to worry about, you’re white.”

The same excuses are offered up every time. “The President’s white, so my people will never have a fair chance.”

There is almost an innumerable amount of success stories from non-whites in this country. In fact, the public faces that do most of the complaining, and most of the crying on camera, have benefited immensely from the capitalist system that was “holding them down.”

I know this post isn’t politically correct. I know some people are going to call me a racist and a bigot. Still, I offer up the question “Now that the President is in a minority group; how is it that there is someone holding you back?”

Is this the end for Rev. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, et. al. ?

Does this mean that each minority group is equal? Or are others still more oppressed?

My guess is that a new crop of excuses will be garnered. After all, telling people they are victims and then raising money from them is big business.

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