New Year 2009: New Ideas, New Direction, New Blog; What’s New?

As the year ends, I am reviewing what The Peregrin Falcon is and what it could be and what it should be.

Until now, the focus has been to promote conservative views and values along with general current events or other interesting goings on.

I honestly don’t know if anyone even reads The Peregrin. So, I don’t know if the format is working or not working or just another “blah, blah, blah” blog.

As with every year-end, I re-evaluate what is the focus in my life and then decide how best to proceed.

If you read this blog, and you want a say in the content, here are some questions I would like you to answer in a reply.

Do you like sites with political content; if not what type of content do you usually seek?

What is your favorite news service/blog (of course, other than The Peregrin)?

How would you describe your basic political philosophy?
(liberal, conservative, independent, other, etc.)

What was your favorite article (if you have one) on The Peregrin, so far?

Have you or would tell anyone about The Peregrin?

If you had to choose one thing to change about The Peregrin Falcon; what would it be?

To everyone out there, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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