Virgil Brigman back on the air

After taking some well needed time to rethink what it was The Peregrin Falcon was going to be, I have again began writing posts. Practically no one responded to my survey for new ideas. Which probably means my post on “Nobody Cares About Your Blog!” is probably true. So, with a fresh new year, a fresh new start, and something happening each day to make my blood boil; The Peregrin Falcon will struggle on to convey the thoughts and ideals that used to be Americana. That’s right… I may live in fly-over country, and I may not drive a Prius, and I may have never voted for Obama because of his politics, but I am not the only one. As I list in The Peregrin’s mission statement:

The primary focus of the Falcon is to be a place to explore the world of politics, science, American popular culture, and general complexity of our times. At the Falcon, we will strive to always be honest, forthright, and up front about my views. The Falcon will be a safe haven for conservative values, ideals, and thought. We will encourage debate, both liberal and conservative.

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