Obama Tax Plan Saves America : Why a Fool’s Money is so Easy to Get

This is a historic moment for this site. This is the first video of any kind to be displayed here.

The reason for my posting this video, and it grabbing the honor of number one is simple. A picture is worth a thousand words, so this video should be worth roughly 900 billion.

For all the people who ask, “Why did we vote for Obama?”, or “How could America not see Obama is a Neo Marxist?”; this video is the living breathing proof.

We The People, want a hand-out at any cost.

The video below is a clip from the Fort Myers, Florida town hall meeting, where a certain tenured McDonald’s alumnus Julio Osegueda basically begs for free money from the President. Of course, without missing a beat, the President tells him how he is going to do it.

There is just a small problem with Mr. Obama’s plan. Mr. Osegueda’s taxes won’t be more than $290.00 for the whole year! That’s right, according to the Irs.gov refund calculator, Mr. Osegueda will pay $1,040.00 in taxes for which he will recieve a $750.00 refund.

I arrived at this number by assuming a 40 hour work week for each of the 52 weeks of the year at the current minimum wage (not the past four years worth) of 5.85 per hour. At this pace, Mr. Osegueda should earn approximately $12,168.00 this year. If he claims single and zero and does not have mom and dad claim him for the child tax credit and has no other exemptions; he will not pay more than $290.00 for the entire year in taxes.

To put that amount in perspective, I also looked up the average cost of college at Ediston State, the college he has attended for broadcasting for the last two years. According to them, In-State Residents who live at home should pay no more than $8,416 per year to attend. Also the In-State Residents who live “off campus” should pay not more than $11,296 per year. However, that implies two large assumptions on their part. The first is an estimated travel budget of $2,100.00 per year, or roughly $40.00 of gas per day for a full 365 day year, not the calendar school year. The second is $1,800.00 per year living expenses for “at home” and $4,680.00 for “Off campus”. Yikes, do you mean Mom and Dad charge $1,800.00 per year rent?! Also they throw in $1,223.00 per year estimated “personal expenses”, not combined with the regular school fees.

So, Julio makes $11,878.00;less taxes, and he spends $8,416.00 on college. So Julio has an extra $3,462.00 per year if he has no financial aid, and he spends $40.00 per day on gas and $1,223.00 per year on crap. Exactly how is an extra $290.00 per year worth $900 Billion to the tax payer?

Oh, I see, he needs to buy more bling! Yo.

Enjoy your fifteen minutes Julio the McDonald’s employee, you may get all the free press you can handle.

Since posting this, I have caught up with the rest of the world and notice my observations are true. Julio is now going to be a mic jockey for the local ball team which was announced on ex-mic jockey Keith Olberman’s show. Keith must be so proud to have someone so opportunistic following in his footsteps. I guess the next best thing to being talented, hard-working, and self-sufficient is to get Obama to bless you and the high priest Olberman to confirm you.

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