America In Crisis – Patriots go missing : Does anybody care anymore?

Does anybody care what is happening to the American economy? If so, where are they? Do they speak up? How can the United States government give away the farm to the tune of Trillions of dollars and not receive overwhelming backlash from the public? Are there no other politically conservative people interested in government? These questions have plagued me for quite some time.

Recently I have seen some of them beginning to be answered by several “Tea Party” movements in the nation.

However, I still question whether or not I am seeing a full spectrum of those that care. After all, those who are participating in the new movements tend to be those who already cared; which appeared to be a silent minority.

One expects to find like minded individuals at group gatherings; after all they came to the meeting as a consequence of sharing the same or similar life patterns. In an effort to see what people are searching for, and hence are interested in, I have put together a overlapping timeline of the Top 15 Google Searches on a given day; crossed with the ruff timeline of the current leg of the recession/financial crisis.

Now I know this includes every search on Google, so other countries are thrown in the mix as well; but assuming Americans are the majority of users, I would say the results are as I expected; unfortunately.

Look over the list, and ask yourself, “What would I be searching for at this point in time?” I hope the answers are not even close to the results the public is searching for.

This is why our nation is in the trouble it is in. Americans, for the majority just don’t seem to care anymore about the nation, patriotism, or common sense in general.

All the data from Google came from

All the “Recession TimeLine” points came from
with one noted exception for today.

September 16th

AIG Bailout #1

Sep 17, 2008

1. sho list
4. ed hochuli email
5. criss angel
6. smith and wesson 500
7. chris angel
9. ted spread
10. palin emails
11. los lonely boys
13. wikileaks palin
14. redmond o neal
15. morgan stanley wachovia

October 3rd

Emergency Economic Stabilization Act passes House of Representatives

Oct 4, 2008

1. oj simpson verdict
2. seth petruzelli
3. kimbo slice loses
4. christa helm
5. cassowaries
6. kimbo slice vs seth petruzelli
7. nambla
8. lawrence welk
9. ign
10. tristan and isolde
11. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
12. oj guilty
13. wisconsin band suspended
15. andrei arlovski

October 28th

Nine banks receive a total of $123.3 billion from the Treasury.

Oct 29, 2008

1. philadelphia phillies world series parade
2. lincoln highway
3. obama infomercial video
4. cole hamels wife
5. obama infomercial site
6. obama commercial
7. grey gardens
8. obama infomercial
9. obama 30 minute ad
10. paul mooney
11. juniors cheesecake
12. 2010 chevy camaro
13. modells
14. fed rate cut
15. obama infomercial october 29

November 10th

AIG bailout #3

Nov 11, 2008

1. flu symptoms
2. veteran s day 2008
3. tim lincecum
4. she by sheree
5. hope financial
6. goumba johnny
7. bake me a wish
8. melissa baker
9. lee atwater
10. jeb corliss
11. insomnia cookies
12. usa learn
13. salvia
14. don rickles
15. transmit now

January 20th

Obama takes oath of office

Jan 21, 2009

1. joanna pacitti
2. rich cronin
3. virginia tech murder
4. jason wu
5. national prayer service
6. scoot coupe
7. national cathedral
8. ann coulter snl
9. obama retakes oath
10. nj lottery
11. rate my cop
12. lie to me
13. dan abrams
14. jersey jackpot raffle
15. juan williams

February 13th

Stimulus Bill Passes

Feb 14, 2009

1. nate robinson
2. becky hammon
3. bill russell
4. melvin reine
5. john busby
6. aptera 2e
7. doug pitt
8. bill laimbeer
9. dwight howard height
10. how tall is nate robinson really
11. grand hotel mackinac island
12. inspector bones
13. dwight howard
14. olive garden
15. allen iverson haircut

March 2

Dow Closes below 7,000 for the first time since May 1, 1997; 2,977 trading days later.

Mar 3, 2009

1. mandolin rain
2. fema prisons
3. mega millions numbers
4. esther baxter
5. term asset backed securities loan facility
6. bad girls club
7. oxygen channel
8. medicean stars
9. scoot coupe
10. square root day
11. maia campbell
12. bob newhart
13. scott macintyre
14. this one s for the girls lyrics
15. sandra day o connor

March 23

Geithner unveils public-private partnership, which will help finance the purchase of up to $1T of illiquid real estate assets.

Mar 24, 2009

1. mary tyler moore
2. calorie restriction diet plan
3. world football challenge
4. george kell
5. david murdock
6. zang toi
7. resveratrol supplements
8. dolphin boat
9. hall and oates
10. kurt angle
11. children s immortality
12. drive a tank
13. old king clancy
14. liberty and tyranny
15. the phantom tollbooth

March 27, 2009

President Barack Obama is meeting with the leaders of top U.S. banks Friday, a session that will focus on the White House’s drive to overhaul financial regulations and on thorny issues like executive compensation.


Mar 27, 2009
Approx. noon CST

1. foxy knoxy
2. true mom confessions
3. irving r levine
4. eri yoshida
5. willie aames
6. breville citrus press
7. dylan ratigan
8. amanda knox
9. morgellons disease
10. oakland police funeral
11. joanna krupa
12. new mexico road conditions
13. wctv
14. freedom tower
15. pulse pen

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