Education and Tax Money : More Money Does Not Necessarily Mean More Graduates

The current state of our economy and what seems like an endless amount of government hands in our pockets on an increasing scale has prompted me to write this post. In conjunction with the obvious problems on a national scale my local school district is joining with the state to propose a state amendment that would prohibit the state from taking money from education.

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Time is on my Side – Yes it is.

Right now with the world population at approximately 6 billion you share the same birthday with 16,438,356 other people. In America that is about 890,410 based on a population of 325 million.

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Terrorism on Trial : How did we get here?

Yes, Virginia there is a devil, and yes there is evil and yes people will always want to and enjoy killing other people. No, human nature is not kindness, and no being nice to the bully doesn’t always stop them.

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