Terrorism on Trial : How did we get here?

I hate to generalize, but in this case, I do believe it fits. Our current situation is a direct child of the “make love, not war” hippie generation and their uninformed offspring. I know not all ex-hippies agree with the liberals, but many do. We have come full circle from the selfish, self-centered, Berklyites who thought it was cool to destroy everything their parents and grandparents fought (literally) and died for. The masses adopted “if it feels good, do it” and our country has gone down the path of social relativism which is just evolution applied to the wrong extreme. Yes, Virginia there is a devil, and yes there is evil and yes people will always want to and enjoy killing other people. No, human nature is not kindness, and no being nice to the bully doesn’t always stop them. I wonder how high a price we will pay before we re-learn these basic facts? We must listen to our founder’s voices we must remember that they tried diplomacy we must remember that a soft tyranny is still a tyranny and we must remember that America was intended for a community of people who were able to see clearly right and wrong exist.

If you are reading this, you already have a leg up on your fellow citizen because you care. Do not let lies be the standard of the day. Do not let coy sarcasms drown you out. Do not let anyone tell you that your a fascist, or racist, or hate monger for quoting the founders. Do not let those who look down their noses see you as whipped. Read history, from books. Look up authors to make sure they are not some plant spewing propaganda. Ask why. Finally, how would you feel if your loved ones died in an airplane and the man responsible was let go because he wasn’t recognized as an illegal enemy combatant?

If you agree with me, tell others about this blog. If you do not, then say so. Whatever you do, don’t sit on the fence and moan and complain. Make no mistake, each person in this nation will have to choose whether they want to keep the status quo and go along to get along, or rise above the disingenuous arguments and get to a point where we return to our roots. Stop sitting on the sidelines. Write articles, speak out, go to meetings, and get involved and support those who do. Otherwise we will become the oligarchy that the British that we rejected once were. A few will control the many and the governed will become the enslaved.

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