Yes We Can: The Greatest Health Care Reform Passes

To the Congress of America and President Barak Obama,

Thank you, O glorious and wise leaders of the United States of America. Thank you for helping we the people, we the governed, we the poor, we the uneducated, we the helpless, we the victims. Thank you for passing a law that will ensure that we are never without the ability to choose for ourselves what kind of care we need for our health. Thank you for making sure no man, woman, or child will ever again experience the pain of living in a unfair and cruel world. Thank you for sparing us from the indignity of living in a world that will expect us to be self-sufficient and capable. Thank you for having pity and mercy on a bewildered and weak population who could not find a way to care for themselves without the broad lamp of the United States government. Thank you for ignoring the ignorant and intolerant masses that begs and moans for the ability to allow people to have to fail on their own without a government to help carry them. Thank you for stopping me from harming myself by making it all too clear what procedures I should have and what doctors I should see and what insurance plan I should buy. Thank you for taking more of my money that I would have wasted on petty and selfish items to further my own family and fortune. Thank you for giving more of my time earning to those who are unwilling to sacrifice in the same ways I did to achieve my place in this country. It was so wrong of me to only better myself for my family and my heirs. I needed someone to come and take away what I had rightfully earned and give it to others who needed it. Your wisdom saw that I was not being charitable enough and that I needed to be giving more. Your wisdom saw that I had done wrong by working and studying and striving and saving for my own ends. I know now that I should have been working and studying and striving and saving for those who would not do so for themselves. I have trusted in my own independence too long. Thank you for taking my independence from me, as I was squandering it. Thank you for jubilantly making sure I am never without a debt to the government. Thank you for reminding me who rules and who is ruled. In our nation of the people, for the people, and by the people, we need more leaders who can show the people who the government is for and by and of. We needed more leaders to show us that when we talk about a representative republic those represented are those who govern and the republic is for the nation-state. Thank you for being the truest beacon of hope and for showing that we can be ruled and we can be made to bear the world’s poor judgment and misfortune. For too long we have been proud of giving the world the opportunity to succeed or fail based on personal effort and merit alone. For too long we have not been the safety net to ensure life is indeed fair and everyone gets an A for effort. For too long we have allowed failures and tragedies to make great people who get ever greater with each successive generation. Thank you for halting us in our wicked ways.
Thank you, O glorious and wise leaders of the United States of America who voted for the health care bill. Thank you President Obama.

Thank you.


The Peregrin Falcon

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