Earth Day 2010 : The Bolsheviks are coming! The Bolsheviks are coming!

As you probably know by now there is a volcano erupting in Greenland. What you may not know is what the green press; whom I call Bolsheviks; is passively saying about the event. Read below and I’ll continue…
According to the American Free Press (AFP)….

Volcano emitting 150-300,000 tonnes of CO2 daily: experts
(AFP) – 3 days ago

Iceland’s Eyjafjoell volcano is emitting between 150,000 and 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per day, a figure placing it in the same emissions league as a small-to-medium European economy, experts said on Monday.

Experts stressed that the volcano contributed just a tiny amount — less than a third of one percentage point — of global emissions of greenhouse gases.

“It’s not of any significance compared to the anthropogenic [manmade] budget,” said Kjetil Toerseth, director of regional and global pollution at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research.

According to the European Environment Agency (EAA), daily emissions from the aviation sector in the 27 nations of the European Union are around 440,000 tonnes per day.


Did you see it? Did you see it? The press says the volcano is turning out approx. 300k tonnes of CO2 per day, then they say that ALL 27 nations of the EU make 440k tonnes per day and then they say the volcano’s contribution is ONLY one third of one percent! That’s right. By this logic ALL 27 nations of the EU only contribute a minor amount more than one third of one percent for ALL manmade CO2. WHAT!?! So, basically 99.4% of the entire amount of manmade CO2 comes from outside the EU? So who could possibly be killing the planet? Hmmmmm, I think the church lady on SNL of year’s past would say it like this “Maybe, Saaaaatin?!”

Let’s break this down into relatable chunks. The EU who has an estimated 489 million people (2009), according to is making only a fraction of a percent of the pollution versus the US, population of 309 million ( So does that mean that we in the US use approx. 99,0000 times the CO2? Or does that mean that we are not the big bad scary culprit after all? Well then, who else is left with a booming economy, lots of people, and technology to produce CO2 (although I am producing it now by breathing, I’ll let that slide). China has 1.3 billion ( so they could be producing 9,900 times more pollution, but that seems less likely when you consider most of the Chinese are not in heavily populated cities and each own their own personal coal factory. Whose next? India has 1.1 billion (2008) ( so they could also be producing 9,900 times more pollution; but they are center for environmental enlightenment and you just can’t blame a guru who wears flowers for pollution. Well then it must be the remaining 70 to 80 percent of the planet who don’t have developed nations, cars, coal plants, power plants, etc, etc, etc.

Do you see? The eco-Bolsheviks are now naked in their attempts to deceive and control. Only a zombie of higher-education and the cult of Gore could read this article and not pick out what I have picked out for you. A volcano, producing as much as 27 entire countries is considered “not of any significance” compared to man. If this was about CO2 levels, if this was about “helping” the earth, if this was about scrubbing our air in order to fend off some impending doom, this volcano would be a very significant event. After all, I can’t build a power plant that kicks out even one tenth of one percent that this volcano has done while I’ve been writing this.

It is time to wake up. It is time to wake your neighbors. It is time to confront communist, hippie, politically correct logic with the truth. It is time to cancel Earth Day.

Today, if you see an Earth Day special, change the channel. If you see a commercial promoting it, turn off the TV. If a website is promoting it, unsubscribe, unfriend, unlink. It is time to send a clear message. “We are not going to be lied to anymore!” We are sick of the enviro-police telling us things that thousands of years of human experience tells us is simply not possible. The earth is still too complex for anyone person, agency, or government to fully understand. We are not talking about your Dad and his thermostat. We are talking about control. They want control. It is time to take it back.

The Peregrin Falcon

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