Bank of America Website In Trouble: Second Outage for 2010

Can you login to your Bank of America Account? If not, your not the only one. While technicians are currently working on the problem, thousands of people are having to wait to make the last minute transactions before the end of the month coming up next Tuesday. According to the Huffington Post from January 29, 2010 this has happened January 2010, September 2008, April 2007, and February 2001.

What I would like to know is, how can one of the largest banks in the the U.S., and the world have so many outages? Personally, I have a lot of reservations about Bank of America’s ability to continue to provide service to an already cash-strapped American public. It is one thing to have the occassional outage; human error happens. It is another to have it happen twice in the same year from a multi-billion dollar organization that got TARP money. Some may say jumping to critisize such an organization is being opportunistic. I say that just like the goalie that missed the one puck to loose the Stanley Cup or the pitcher who lost the World Series by one pitch; in banking your only as good as your last mistake. Let’s face it, in a country where more and more people are relying on the ability to login, pay a bill, and logout; a major outage causes major problems.

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