Call to Conservatives

Over the last few election cycles, many of our nation’s representatives have claimed to be conservative. In the last decade self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives have controlled the purse strings of the nation more often than not. However, we are still in a debt crisis of enormous proportions. Granted, the major cause of the debt crisis was started and fueled by the housing bubble; largely caused by Barney Frank and company for their wonton flaunting of credit to those who were grossly ill-prepared for the burden of home ownership.

Yet, that does not excuse those whom were elected based on a pledge of fiscal conservation and self-limiting spending who later backed bills of earmarks; and pork spending that has reached well-beyond the mathematical understanding of a large portion of the populous. In typical Washington style, the politicians play finger pointing and word games in order to absolve themselves of any real accountability.

“The experts said…” and “I was told something different…” all too often come freshly from the lips of congressional leaders who were discovered with hands in the cookie jar.
John Sullivan is such a politician. Lately on a morning radio talk-show in Tulsa, OK; Rep. Sullivan said “I never voted for stimulus, and no Republican ever has.” He also went on to say that he had signed a pledge to work for term limits for the Congress after being confronted by several callers on the subject of career politicians in Washington.

Congressman Sullivan touts himself as being a fiscal conservative. He also says he is against earmarks and big government. The congressman also says that he wants reform in Washington. Yet, his actions speak just to the opposite. According to several sources for the fiscal years 2008-2010, Sullivan has either sponsored or co-sponsored bills with earmarks in excess of $69 million for Arkansas and Oklahoma.,, and others have data on several of the bills where Congressman Sullivan in just the last few years has gone against his pledges. Also when questioned about how he is going to approach the massive amounts of money being thrown at government from the Obama administration he replies “Like it or not, President (Barack) Obama signed this bill into law, and Oklahoma tax dollars are being used to fund it… Let me be clear. This is our money, and I will always fight to ensure Oklahoma tax dollars stay in Oklahoma instead of being shipped off to the other 49 states.” Tulsa World 10-19-2010. The only catch is the monies aren’t labeled “Oklahoma” or “Texas” etc. By spending the money; instead of fighting to give it back and undo the bad legislation, Congressman Sullivan is merely encouraging the same selfish behavior he has taken part in before.

As for “never voting on stimulus”, this also is a falsehood. Congressman Sullivan along with 95 other Republicans; according to; voted for HR 5140 “Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.” HR 5140 was a bill of mostly tax rebates and increasing limitations on what business owners could depreciate. HR 5140 appears to have been a good bill for the congressman to vote for. So why the big underlined statement, “I never voted for stimulus”? Why not simply say, “Yes, I voted for a stimulus bill. Only instead of giving money to projects and pork; we relieved folks of tax burdens and let them keep more of their own earnings.” There can be multiple types of stimuli in an economy and running away from the frank truth of the matter does neither the audience nor the speaker any good.

Finally, Congressman Sullivan cannot claim to be for the common Oklahoman. The fact is, he has severed in government every year of his life since 1995; only three years after graduating from college in 1992 at the age of 27. Now at the age of 45, John Sullivan has worked 15 years in government. It should then come as no shock when the congressman is confronted with a caller after caller over the radio that asks him to pledge to self-limit his own term that he refuses.

The congressman; like so many, wave the bloody flag of term-limits and small government and fiscal conservation; however when the rubber meets the road the majority run for the hills. John Sullivan is no exception to the rule either. “Dr. NO” Tom Colburn, Mary Fallin, and Jim Inhofe have all been guilty of the same kinds of actions.

To be clear, all of these congress people have done positive things for Oklahoma. All of them have been backed by conservative folks statewide and for good reason. The point is that the GOP has lost members and will continue to lose members as long as those who claim to be conservatives act the opposite of their professed convictions. This election season is probably one of the most important seasons in recent history. Disgust with Obama’s policies coupled with the cronyism of Reed, and Biden are driving a crowd of folks toward the conservative side. Conservative politicians need to stand up for their professed principles, and need to be the leading examples for those who are placing trust in them. The conservatives in this country will have a chance to correct course and restore our country back to its foundations.

So, to Congressman Sullivan and the many others like him; there needs to be a clear message sent; “This is the last chance.” We the people will not be lied to again. We will not be wooed in the election season only to forget to follow-up during the tenure. We will not let the mincing of words and spin artists change the meanings of terms so bad politicians can stay in office indefinitely. We will be watching, and we will be taking count of your decisions and if we smell even a hint of impropriety or lax in principle you will be fired.

2 Responses to “Call to Conservatives”
  1. The fewer there are, the more support each individual will need from their respective electorates. As long as we tell others and continue to speak out, and write; the hope of a restoration of conservative values in government is not a lost cause.

  2. liberty81 says:

    There are very few true conservatives left in Washington today. What a shame!

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