Cost of War : Losses that can be counted

Many people are recognizing the sacrifices of soldiers and sailors and airmen during the bombing of Pearl Harbor that happened on this day Dec 7, in 1941.  Today, we are fighting a new war. So, I felt it a good time to remember exactly what freedom can cost, and give us a perspective from which to be grateful.

According to the Congressional Research Service’s report American War and Military Operations Casulaties : Lists and Statistics Americans lost over 418,000 lives during the course of WWII.  In 1946, there were approximately 131 million Americans; meaning that .32% had given their lives for the rest of us. As a result, Nazi Germany, Imperialist Japan, and Marxist Italy were stopped from destroying freedom around the globe.

Now, in our seventh year of the Iraq war, our losses, including from Sept. 11th are over 7,000. As a percent of our population of 310 million (according to that would be .01%.  Our brave military personelle face death every day and more give up their lives for us every day; yet some at home still don’t see how good they really are.  If this war was costing us what WWII cost us in lives, it would mean loosing another 900,000 Americans; this year alone, just to have the same percentages of loss.

Salute the flag, remember the fallen, and remember that as bad as you may think it is now; we have seen worse, and all it takes to get back there is that good people shrink in the face of fear and allow themselves to be silenced.

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