Bill Maher’s Coming to Town : Santa Better Watch Out

Oh yes, it’s finally here, the day when all good boys and girls will be treated to a show of caring, and faith, and warm family values.  Just in time for the Christmas season, and just after Hanukkah; Saint Maher is coming to Oklahoma. 

Audiences in Tulsa can look forward to a hot cup of sarcasm laced with incredulity and large dollop of false intellectualism.  Also be prepared to check any and all faith in something other than Mr. Maher’s stunning good looks and brilliance; as his opinion of a power outside of his own is less than friendly. 

Don’t worry Mom and Dad; Billy and Susie can look forward to getting a copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species and killing any sentimental thoughts of the Christmas holiday this year as Bill will surely brow beat any resistance out of his audience.

Thank the aliens who spread their seed among us and then left to have us grow out of the muck, Tulsa will finally have some high-brow educational speaking tonight.

Hugs and kisses,


Malevolent Maher Part I

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