What ?!?

There are some moments just too absurd to let go un-noticed. I just read an article by Yahoo! that told of a crowd of campaign donators (of who donates thousands just to get into a banquet) for the 2012 Obama re-election. This group of protestors sang a song essentially asking President Obama to free Private Bradley Manning. Private Manning is the person who is accused of leaking army and national secrets to the now infamous Wiki-Leaks organization. Protesting that President Obama is somehow taking away the freedom of speech for not setting Manning free, the crowd’s demanded for more change.

Maybe I’m missing something, and maybe I’m way off, but last time I checked leaking national or military secrets used to be considered treason, which usually got the traitor a bullet in the head or a noose on the neck. How exactly is it a “freedom of speech” issue when a U.S. government employee takes a file and provides it for re-publish so the enemies of our nation can see and exploit them to ultimately kill more soldiers and more citizens? Isn’t one definition of treason to “give aid and comfort” to an enemy? Leaking secrets gives aid and comfort to the enemy. Am I crazy? Did the phrase “loose lips sink ships” die with the hippie movement?

I could go on, but suffice to say…WHAT ?!?

Just for those who think they know words, but have never really read the definition:
From the NOLO Legal Dictionary:

The crime of betraying one’s country. Treason requires overt acts and includes attempts to make war against the state, sharing government secrets with other countries, espionage, or materially supporting the enemies of one’s country.

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