Anthropogenic Global Warming : More facts to stamp out myths, run by David Arnett, has an new article posted over the weekend about NASA and some findings that once again put the Anthropogenic Global Warming debate into question using actual gathered data, rather than unverifiable computer models. Tulsa Today

Read the arctile and then continue…

I love this article, because again it demonstrates that the anthropogenic Global Warming debate is driven by junk quasi science. I do not doubt that many people have dedicated their lives to the study of the atmospheric changes to the globe. What I do doubt is the legitimacy of the agenda behind the carbon hysteria. When considering that all carbon-based life forms exchange carbon dioxide into the environment in one way or another, I have been skeptical about the reported effects for decades. As many people before me have said, the issue has never been about bettering the planet in some altruistic fashion. If you have read this article and are still on the Al Gore bandwagon, do yourself and all the other brainwashed zombies of the last forty years a favor, and research the original terms for naturalist, conservationist, and environmentalist. About a century ago, these were not all interchangeable camps. Since the earliest days, through intimidation and outright falsehoods, the environmentalists have taken over the debate and controlled the direction of the language. So-called environment saving measures have had a singular agenda to put humanity back to a pre-industrial revolution state since the movement’s creation in 1813. The names change, but the game is still the same, it is and always will be about adopting a class-rule, top-down, true communistic-socialism in order to protect nature from the perceived ravages of mankind.

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