Felonious Munk : On balancing the budget

Here is a comdedian I heard on Pat Campbell’s show on KFAQ this morning. He is an ex financial advisor, and one of the walking wounded from our economic downturn. I haven’t seen any other videos by him, but after hearing his interview after the heavily censored audio on the show today,I had to pass this video along. I think you’ll see it has a lot of the old style of comedy in it when you had to be funny to use “colorful” language, not just put together a string of curse words so people would laugh. It reminds me of early Richard Pryor. Others have said it is like Carlin, but I think it is a lot less jaded than that.

In addition, I have a footnote for those who might read the rest of my blog and wonder why I would post a video (of which I do rarely) of a pro-Obama supporter.

The truth can come from any source, and when we stop being able to be civil and listen to the points on both sides of an argument we cease to be a civilized people and begin to loose our republic. I do not have to agree with everything or anything someone says, but when a person says something universally true, such as how failing to balance the national budget because of partisan politics is nonsense, I would be a fool to dismiss it based on brand or party loyalty.


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