Getting to know your isms : Marxism

Do you know your isms?  I find many people  who have an opinion or a blog or both about many of the isms, have little or no actual knowledge about them.  In fact, I find most of those I run into and have the chance to talk with are at best surface dwellers of certain facts. 

Those of us schooled in a public school grew up with a certain sense of what government is without actually reading about it. Personally, I have always been a curious person and have a good working definintion of many of these. Thanks goes to my senior year history teacher in high school and my freshman year history professor in college for getting my mind engaged in investigating for myself.

So in order to kick start my own re-investigation into the various isms, I will attempt to periodically post a small blurb about one each week.  If time allows, I will follow up with a more in depth explanation.  I will try to keep my facts as plain as possible and site references where appropriate.

Basic Tenets of Marxism:

Central Planning: Control of all assets by a single government entity to
ensure a consistent plan for expenditure of public assets.

Communism: Government controlled or owned property (no private property) and wages (all wages are government wages).

Democratic Centralism: One party rule after a majority of representatives approve it. (unrepealable)

Socialism: All means of production are publicly owned and controlled by a governing body.

Single Party State: All political offices controled by a single party
with no option for divergent views.

Socialist Patriotism: Described by Marx as a boundless love for the socialist homeland, a commitment to the revolutionary transformation of society and the cause of communism.

Vanguard Party: A vanguard party is a single political party at the forefront of a mass action, movement, or revolution – see Bolsheviks

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