Welcome to The Peregrin Falcon. My name is Aaron Sheppard and I am long time believer in smaller government and responsible use of tax dollars. As a former City of Tulsa employee who worked in the Finance Department assisting in production of the Annual City Budget from 2001 to 2004, I experienced first hand the differences in what happens behind the scenes and what makes the news. I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix and have worked in the private sector since 2004.

As this is the first entry in, what I hope to be, a long series of entries, it is a good time to divulge my intentions. Before I do however, I want to make it clear that Peregin is intentionally misspelled, yes I can see that, and yes my grammar teachers would take points off; the Falcon is a place for thought, opinion and humor, not for human perfection. I make mistakes, sometimes they are intentional. The primary focus of the Falcon is to be a place to explore the world of politics, science, American popular culture, and general complexity of our times. At the Falcon, I will strive to always be honest, forthright, and up front about my views. Lastly, the Falcon will be a safe haven for conservative values, ideals, and thought. I encourage debate, both liberal and conservative. I also reserve the right to post or edit posts or refuse posts of any and all comments on the Falcon. So, keep it fair (state both the pros and cons of your positions), keep it clean ( if you don’t know what clean is, then watch some black and white television with your family and take notes ), keep it civil, and give credit to authors, bloggers, artists, historians etc. the Falcon is not a place to be a plagiarist.

I hope you enjoy reading what I have enjoyed writing.

I am also the City Reporter for Tulsa Today which is an on-line news service in operation since 1996. Stop by and see some of the things I have written about lately.

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