BOK Center : Oilers Drop the Puck in October Debut

Reading up on the new rookies before the game, I began to get the old feeling that we were going to have a stellar season this year. We have some real Canucks on the team. Our coach is one of us, and the talent recruiter still lives in the mother country of hockey.<

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Tulsa’s BOK Center : Mayor Kathy Taylor Booed

Mayor Taylor, you may think you have the public on your side, and you may think that over taxing and over spending can be overlooked or covered up by fancy light shows and live music. You may think that you can come to a hockey game and the fans will be dumb enough to believe you are one of them. You can think a lot of things, but you can’t ignore this one fact. Tulsa does not want you as Mayor and we will not be forgetting how your “CEO” approach has done nothing but cost us more money. You may want to do something about that before you come out to the next event and try to fake being for Tulsa

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