A Great Argument Against Nationalized Healthcare

I also know that our Founders didn’t either. If you don’t believe me, read their words for yourself. Ask yourself, why would they leave the most powerful nation on Earth, and risk being hanged for treason if a all-powerful government was what they really wanted all along? Right now, for this moment, you are free. Don’t re-burden yourself with slavery to your government for the security they can’t guarantee.

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Obama is President : Color Over Content and Style Over Substance and Soros Marxism Over Capitalism

If you think I am wrong, please explain why most of the issues people trusted McCain and yet voted against him. Explain how one group will go against its own espoused values to vote for someone they admit is not in line with their views. Just in case you think this is another “good conservative hit” like fmr. President William Jefferson Clinton has said, notice my sources are from Liberal media groups and from their own websites.

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Politics of Change : Bury Joe the Plumber, Ignore Marxist Wealth Redistribution

Ok, normally, The Peregrin Falcon is not a one-tune post kind of blog. My tendancy for being distracted usually kicks in by now. However, the simply blatant disgust with a ordinary man who is flawed like all other people (including myself) is beyond belief. Real Deal on ‘Joe the Plumber’ Reveals New Slant NyTimes.com By … Continue reading

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